Venus and mars astrology signs

So, the next time you spot a cutie when you're out with friends, why not take a chance and say hello?

Venus-Mars Compatibility

If your Mars is in Libra, let's just say you're likely not the best at making decisions a. You're also a people pleaser not a bad thing! Hey, someone's got to keep the peace, right? You're all about keeping everyone happy obvs , but make sure you learn how to defend yourself as much as you defend others, Montufar cautions. When your Mars is in Scorpio, you're at your best when challenging yourself to do the impossible. Plus, Montufar says, "You are a force of nature and arguably have the strongest sexual stamina in the entire zodiac. You see the world as black and white, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

It just means you find balance through the release of energy, she says. So you'll definitely want to prioritize a healthy sex life and exercise routine. Seriously , call me. Got your Mars in Sagittarius? Patience is a virtue, but not, um, yours sorry, but it's true. Luckily, your awesome sense of adventure makes up for it, according to Montufar.

You can multitask without breaking a sweat, even when that means juggling multiple projects—or lovers—at once, she says. If your Mars is in Capricorn, congrats!

Mars in Aries, Male + Venus in Aries, Female

So, thank Mars for helping you stay on top of all the things. Plus, she adds, "You are focused, ambitious, and level-headed—even when upset. Just be mindful of your need to be in control. It'll be hard to let go and just live sometimes, but you'll benefit from taking the occasional chill pill. Got your Mars in Aquarius?

You're an intellectual with an original and authentic view of the world, says Montufar. In the bedroom, you can be pretty detached during sex, unless your partner is smart enough to stimulate your brainy side, too. It probably wouldn't hurt getting creative with the dirty talk If your Mars is in Pisces, "you float through life in a gentle and almost melodic manner," says Montufar.

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You're the textbook definition of "go with the flow," effortlessly compassionate and easy-going—sometimes to a fault, she adds. The only prob with this Mars sign? You have a tendency to be passive. The secret, she says, to handling that is finding an outlet to channel your creativity. Maybe it's about time you took that pottery class you've been eyeing Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Aries: Mars

Kelly Ripa Is Worth Millions. Here's what you need to know about your Mars sign:. Jewelyn Butron. Ultimately, you live by the mantra: "Slow and steady wins the race. At Cafe Astrology, we offer a wide variety of articles on these highly charged topics:.

Astrology Love and Sex Secrets – Venus and Mars

Venus , the goddess of love, reveals much about the way we approach relationships, romance, and love. Its placement by sign, house, and aspect shows how and where we go about expressing love. To learn more about how you—and others—express feelings of love, as well as how you view relationships, look for the placement of Venus by sign in the birth chart.


See our Sexual Astrology page for specific sex secrets of Venus and Mars in the signs. See our Sexual Astrology: Eros in the Signs page for interpretations of the asteroid Eros in the natal chart and tables to find the position of Eros in any chart. Love Sign Compatibility Compare Venus signs of you and your partner. Is it a love match? Synastry , the art of relationship analysis in Astrology, is a complex and intriguing tool for exploring how individuals react to, and interact with, the energies of others.

Compatibility Calculator

When we compare the positions of the planets in one birth chart with those of another, we can see revealing patterns of interaction. Whether or not this is possible, astrology can reveal special connections between people. In our article, Soul Mate Astrology , we explore these connections. The placement of Mars in a natal chart reveals what motivates and energizes individuals, how they express their drive, what they want, and how they go about getting what they want.

Learn more about what makes people tick through the placement of Mars by sign in the birth chart. Further, the placement of Mars by sign in the birth chart can tell us a lot about sexual drive and tastes.

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